BIBLE STUDY NO. 36 (15 SEPT., 2016)

TITLE: True Happiness – feeling like Heaven on Earth

Happiness is a feeling or showing pleasure, satisfaction, content, joyful or blissful. God is pleased when you are satisfied, contented. Continuous feeling of happiness leads to joy (expression of gladness) and blissful life (clam joyous feeling like being in heaven on earth). To be satisfied or content depend on one’s attitude to life. Choose to be happy everyday of your life as you look forward to the future you expect. Happy feeling will help you get there quicker. The way you feel shows how much of God is in you. You can never be satisfied or content except you have God richly in you.

There is emptiness in the heart of all people which can only be filled by God. Without Jesus fully in your life, one would fight to fill this vacuum in futility (without result). Until this void in our soul is filled with the presence of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, you cannot enjoy true happiness. Joy is fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). The false happiness that the world gives is from inordinate things (materials things) and bad habits. When you are unable to get things like clothes, shoes, jewelries, cars, nice accommodation, money, power, position, husband, wife, children, job etc, you become unhappy. Also, when you are unable to get high through drug use, alcohol and other mind bending substances, you become sad; for other, sexual immoral acts, cash, power make them happy. All these bring temporal happiness.

The difference is that true happiness does not go away, it is eternal because it does not depend on things or situation but on God’s presence only; but false happiness happens to you because of what you have achieved and because things have happened the way you wanted it to; not because of God but for selfish reasons. This kind of happiness does not last; it goes as soon as the things or situation stops. If you charm a man/woman or manipulate him/her to marry you, one day the charm will fail or he/she may realize he/she is being manipulated. If he/she goes away, that your false happiness will go too. When you take drugs, alcohol, beer or engage in immoral sex, Satan will take you high to unreal world but when the effect of the drug or sex goes, it leads you below where you were before. This will lead to depression (deep pain or sadness).

When you do good like giving help to someone, sing praises to God, pray, worship or give offering to God, forgive someone, forgive yourself, repent of sin, etc, you feel happy and this kind of happiness does not stop. But when you achieve happiness through sinful habits, the habit will continue to grow worse until it kills the victim (John 10:10; James 4:8). God’s plan is to give you abundant life (happy life).

Today, ‘draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners and purify your hearts, you double minded’ (James 4:8). ‘Therefore submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you’ (James 4:7). You cannot serve God and the devil. Serving God and Satan will result to unhappiness. The vacuum in your heart can only be filled by God. God cannot share you with Satan or material things, He wants you alone.

1. Psalm 128:1-6 – Happiness starts with the fear of God
2. Proverbs 15:16 – Be content (satisfied with what you have and who you are)
3. Romans 14:22,23 – Do not condemn yourself (move by faith)
4. Proverbs 14:21 – Help the less privileged around you.
5. James 5:11 – Endure, God cannot forget you forever
6. Job 5:17 – Accept godly correction (it is a privilege)
7. Galatians 6:9 – don’t get tired of doing right, you will be happy in the end


A) How does one get into bad habits? (1 Corinthians 15:33)______________

B) How can we change our bad habits? (Romans 12:2)_______________

C) What benefit can we get by being merry all the time? Proverbs 17:22___

D) What does you learn from Ecclesiastes 2:26?________________
‘If you know these things, happy are you if you do them’

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