TOPIC: THE BIBLE – PART 5 (Why Christians Believe the Bible)
Scriptures: Hebrews 11:6; Romans 3: 2-4
Definition: The Bible is the written Word of God.

AIM/OBJECTIVE: Our aim of this lesson is to strengthen the children’s belief in the truthfulness of the Bible. Our objective is to confirm that the Bible is true.

TEACHERS’ INSTRUCTION: Whatever we do is not by power or by might, therefore, it is important for you as a teacher to study properly and pray well before teaching. God bless you.

• A Short Prayer: Let them say the Lord’s Prayer. Say it and let them repeat it after you. Do this always.

INTRODUCTION: By reasoning and faith, the Christians know that the Bible is true.

Step 1: By reasoning – In the New Testament, we have evidence that the head of the church, Jesus Christ believed the testament to be the Word of God – Luke 24:25 (The Prophets means the scriptures of the Old Testament).

Step 2: Jesus is our example, if He believed in the scriptures, we too must believe – Hebrews 12:2

Step 3: The scripture foretold us about Jesus even before He was born on earth – Luke 24:27

Step 4: Jesus used the scriptures to defeat Satan – Matthew 4:4; Matthew 4:7; Matthew 4:10

Step 5: If Jesus believed the Bible, I believe too

Step 6: The Apostles of Jesus all believed the scriptures too – Paul (2 Timothy 4: 21; 2 Timothy 3:16) Peter’s letter – 2 Peter 1:14

Step 7: There are also many internal evidence in the Bible – like the miracles done by God’s Prophets.

Step 8: There are many old prophecies that were confirmed and many are being confirmed even today in our time.

Step 9: Bible said Messiah (Jesus Christ) would be born and He was born. The scriptures talked about the last days and the events are coming to past as the Bible says.

Step 10: We believe the Bible because when we pray corroding to the scriptures, it comes to pass

Step 11: The most important one is that we know by FAITH that the Bible is the word of God. There is a witness in the Christians’ heart that the Bible is God’s word.

Step 12: Anyone who believes in the Bible is blessed – Revelation 22: 6,7

Step 13: The majority of the New Testament was written by the Apostles of Jesus who were with Him and saw all these things personally. People like Peter, John, etc.

Step 14: Others were written by immediate followers of the Apostles like Apostle Paul

Step 15: finally, the early church fathers like Bishop Clement of Rome (95 AD) Ignatius of Antioch (117 AD) and others confirmed the Bible to the true.

Step 16: Truth cannot change. For thousands of years now, no one has proven the Bible to be a lie

Step 17: Truth lives forever. The Word of God will abide forever.

QUESTION: Why do Christians believe that the Bible is True?
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________

MEMORY VERSE: Isaiah 40:8
The Word of God shall stand forever

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    dis topic really bless me alot.God bless pst hillary for dis educating topic.

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